How about heat exchanger effect? What are the advantages?

Application of plate heat exchanger in the field is very wide, according to the characteristics are as follows:

1, high efficiency and energy saving: plate heat exchanger for heat transfer coefficient in 3000 ~ 4500kcal/m2 - degree of C, h, the ratio of shell and tube for heat exchanger has high heat efficiency 3-5 times.

2, has the advantages of compact structure, plate heat exchanger of closely spaced, compared with other types of heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger covers an area of and occupying less space, same area for heat exchanger is only 1 / 5 of the heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger.

3, easy disassembly and cleaning convenient: plate h
eat exchanger by clamping bolt clamping solid plate clamping sheet. Therefore, convenient assembly and disassembly, ready to be opened for cleaning, the surface finish, turbulence level high, not easy scaling.

4, the use of long life: plate heat exchanger to suppress the use of stainless steel or titanium alloy plate, may be resistant to various corrosive media, the pad can be replaced freely, and can be in, the disassembly and the maintenance are convenient.

5, strong adaptability: plate heat exchanger are independent components, according to the requirements of random changes in the process, various forms; can be used in a variety of different, process requirements.

6, a string of liquid, the plate heat exchanger sealing groove set to vent liquid-liquid Road, various media do not collude with, even if there is a leak medium is discharged outwards.



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